7 : The Leggers Inn, Dewsbury

Savile Town Wharf, Mill St. East, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, WF12 9BD

Unless you arrive by canal boat, the Leggers is hard to find, located as it is in the middle of an industrial estate. But boy, is it worth it. Set adjacent to the canal basin ("leggin" was propelling a boat through a tunnel by lying on the roof and walking it through) in what is a converted hay loft. You climb some stairs and are greeted by a glorious cross between a museum, antique shop and comfortable bar. The motto of the place seems to be "if you find it, nail it to the wall". There are beer mats, old gear wheels, bus stop signs and bits of old canal machinery. The seats are a mix of upholstered church pews and Shackleton High Chairs which have seen better days. A truly wondrous place to enjoy a pint.

If you ask them for a recommendation they will, as likely as not, pull you a small glass to give you a taste. This is gold standard hospitality. I had - upon their recommendation and following a brief taster - a pint of Copper Dragon Golden Pippin. You could imagine that anything would taste good in these surroundings, but it was an excellent pint : golden colour, quite bitter and not too strong for a lunchtime visit.

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