10 The Lord Rosebery, Scarborough

85, Westborough, Scarborough YO11 1JW

A fairly typical Wetherspoons conversion of what used to be Scarborough Liberal Club. The name commemorates the former Leader of the Liberal Party and Prime Minister who officially opened the club in 1895 (As a young man Rosebery is reputed to have said that he had three aims in life : to win the Derby, to marry a heiress and to become Prime Minister - by the age of fifty he had achieved all three). The ground floor is a big open room and there are dedicated eating areas on both a mezzanine and a upper floor. The large open space with its rows of tables and chairs always gives such Wetherspoon Houses the feel of a 21st century equivalent to a Yates Wine Lodge. 

The walls are copiously covered with pictures depicting the history and worthies of Scarborough. However, because the walls are so far away from where the majority of people are sitting, it retains a slightly clinical and anonymous feel about it. You can't help suspecting that all the furniture and fittings come out of a big Wetherspoon's warehouse somewhere. Whilst it might suffer some of the sins of the Wetherspoon brand it also displays all of the virtues. There is a good selection of beer on offer at prices designed to make even the most ardent Yorkshireman smile. The excellent value for money acts as a magnet for pensioners looking for a break from shopping. 

I tried a pint of one of their guest beers - Trade Winds from the Cairngorm Brewery. It has won several awards and makes a big play of its fruity and citrus taste which is based on elderflower being added to the mash. I was expecting something a little more memorable and was disappointed. You would expect something called Trade Winds to be strong and purposeful, but this was more of a gentle breeze of a beer. Like the Rosebery itself, it was all pleasant enough without being particularly remarkable. A bit like Lord Rosebery himself, come to think of it.

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