12 The Tip Inn, Brighouse

Atlas Mill, Atlas Mill Road, Brighouse HD6 1ES

All too often these days you get to visit a pub on what turns out to be its final days of business. Thus, if the opportunity presents itself to sample a pub on its opening day you should clear a window of opportunity in your diary. And if that pub turns out to be the brewery tap of a new brewing venture : then the only decent thing to do is to throw your diary in the rubbish bin. 
Throwing things in the bin takes us nicely to the local tip (they are probably called refuse disposal and active recycling facilities nowadays). And there, next to the entrance of Brighouse tip, is the Tip Inn, the brand new brewery tap of the equally brand new Atlas Mill Brewery. 
Atlas Mill Brewery is a tidy little set up - pub downstairs, brewhouse upstairs, dispatch bay to one side. The bar does not attempt to hide the industrial setting - bricks and stone feature prominently and it has the feel of a modern mill conversion about it (you half expect to be invited up a circular staircase to pitch your idea to the Dragons Den). But it is a pleasant enough place to drink a pint of real ale and is sure to prove popular with harassed gardeners who can now declare that they are "off to the tip" with more than usual gleeful anticipation. It still had a "new" feel to it when Dave and I visited (it was only Day 3) but once it picks up the stains, the smells and the scratches that are all part of the character of any pub, it should be fine. 
The pint I sampled was a pint of Atlas Mill Gold which was a clean tasting, fairly hoppy, amber beer. Dave reckoned it had the taste of malt whisky somewhere in its ancestry. The strange thing was that his did and mine didn't. It's something I mean to check out on again - the next time I go to the tip.

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relative of owner said...

tip now under new management so come on down