22 : The Ferry Inn, Cawood

2 King Street, Cawood, North Yorkshire YO8 3TL 01757 268515

One of the best things about having a bit of a reputation for being fond of pubs is that when you visit people they have a tendency to say "there's a little pub just up the road that I'm sure you would love to see". On so it was when we visited Lee and Louise in their new house just outside Selby. Once the usual pleasantries were out of the way, a group of us chaps piled into a car and drove up to the Ferry Inn at Cawood.

And it was well worth the visit. Situated alongside the River Ouse, adjacent to Cawood Bridge, the 16th Century building has long associations with this traditional river crossing point (before the bridge was built there was a ferry crossing, hence the name). It is a more than pleasant place to sit and drink a pint or two, with its old wooden beams, and bookshelves brimming with inviting volumes. There are also several references to royal visitors (King John and Henry VIII amongst them) but when you read the small print it appears that they visited the nearby Cawood Castle rather than the pub!

But who needs royalty when you have a good solid traditional English pub and equally good and solid friends to drink beer with. I tried one of the guest beers - Hopsack from the Manchester-based Phoenix Brewery. Rated at 3.9& ABV, it punches above its weight but might be a bit too hoppy for many people's tastes. But there is plenty of choice and many a good reason for postponing your trip over the river until another day.

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