26 : The Beaumont Arms, Kirkheaton

Church Lane, Kirkheaton, West Yorkshire, HD5 0BH Tel: 08721 077 077

The Beaumont Arms was a delightful find. Although it is only a few miles from where I live, I had never been before. But as soon as you see it from the top of the hill, standing shoulder to shoulder with the village church, you know you are in for a treat. And treat it was.

The building dates from the mid eighteenth century and it is easy to trace the line of adjoining stables which which have since been incorporated into the pub. The interior reflects the major redesign which must have taken place in the 1930s. Stepping inside the pub I was immediately taken back to the front parlor at my Uncle Harry's house : the wood panelling, the wrought iron tables, the rich red carpets. It's comforting, relaxing and - although there are no books on display - it's bookish. It's the kind of place you can sit with your pint and read your book and not feel out of place. It is my kind of pub.

The name comes from the Beaumont family who had been lords of the manor since the seventeenth century. A sense of history permeates the place. Just over the lane is the local churchyard and there stands a memorial to 17 children who "fell unhappy victims to a raging fire at Mr Atkinsons Factory in February 1818" As you drink your pint you think you can smell the mills, feel the hills, and maybe hear the screams of those poor kids. You are sitting on so much heritage you want to cry.

I called in just before the lunch-time rush started and I must have been the first customer of the day. I had my pick of the wood-paneled rooms and time to look around and get a feel of the place. Three young girls looked after the bar and the restaurant. They straighten place settings, shine pint glasses, and discuss last night's adventures.

I decide to have a pint of Timothy Taylor Landlord : it's that kind of day. Although mine must have been the first pint to be drawn, it tastes fresh and well-flavoured. It cuts through your thirst and with equal ease it cuts through your cares. The barmaid decides that my pint has a little too much head and fills a half pint glass so that I can top up. It's a small gesture but a welcome one. It means I will return. As I leave, the place is beginning to hum. I say a small prayer of thanks : the future of this delightful pub might be safe for a few months longer.


John F said...

Which has been your favorite so far.
I remember one I went to near Sherwood Forest years ago.
I was staying B&B at a farm and had to go to the local for dinner.
When my food was ready they slid back a panel that made a small two table dining room that was hiden when not in use.
It was great.
Another favorite was, not in Yorkshire, was at the hotel in Moretonhampstead at the White Hart hotel http://www.moretonhampstead.com/business-directory/hotels/the-white-hart-hotel

Alan Burnett said...

Difficult question John. It probably is a tie between the Shibden Mill Inn and the Leggers. But the favourite will always be the one I have yet to discover. Interesting to hear about the fold-away dining room : I was once in a bar in Dublin which had a similar type of arrangement.

John F said...


Found this site you may like.

John said...

Tripped over your blog, keep up the good work. Sounds like something I would like now I'm retired. Too much to do, he cried.

Pam said...

Stumbled across your blog, I think through a first time visit to Alan Burnett's daily photo blog. What a great find you are! I shall be back to leisurely look back through all your interesting pub visits and history. Three years ago I was visiting your part of the world and loved it, especially the pubs but there was not enough time to do them justice.

John F said...

Wow, you need to get out more, I am awaiting your next review!

Vodka Mom said...

I LOVE THIS!! I am so thrilled to have found you over at Brian Miller's place~

no pour us a pint, would you???

Vodka Mom said...

Do you know my friend Mo? http://mo-stoneskin.blogspot.com/

Alan Burnett said...

John : I will "do" another pub tomorrow, that's a promise.
Vodka Mom : Thanks for calling by. Thanks for your recommendation, I have seen Mo's blog now (and your own). Both excellent.

John F said...

Here is another site you may like.


John F said...

My dad says he has been to the Ferry Inn on a previous page.
He worked for St John's Amb. Brigade in Selby for a while.

Anonymous said...

Your photography as well as your blog layouts are compelling, Alan, and I get the urge to try something similar every time I come here. Of course it is also the content which adds to it all but I appreciate what you do.

Thanks too for stopping and offering us some of your rain. I suspect you could do it but there might be some scoffing if it worked.

John F said...

Sorry to hear INBEV AB is making head way in the UK.
Many in St Louis are disgusted with AB.
I never drink much AB anyway, but refuse to buy it at all now.

mo.stoneskin said...

Mate I'm fascinated by pubs, but after you popped by my place, is this your primary blog? Let me know! Ever read Four Men by Belloc? Living in Sussex for 6 years I've managed to visit some of his old haunts :)

Equally interested because we (me, wife, baby) are moving to Yorkshire - where my wife is from - this weekend, though I don't actually officially move up there till November, moving to Harrogate but I LOVE Yorkshire beer!