A Century Of Progress?

For some two hundred years, one of the most renowned names in Yorkshire brewing was that of Joshua Tetley. The Tetley family were connected with brewing in the Leeds area as far back as the 1780s and in the 1820s they started brewing at Salem Place in Hunslet. Over the next 180 years this became one of the most important breweries in the county - until brewing there ceased in 2011 and production of Tetley Beer was transferred to Northamptonshire. My picture comes from the 1923 publication "A Century Of Progress" which marked the 100th anniversary of the brewery. The caption is as follows:

Tetley's continue to use horse-drawn vehicles for that part of their business which comes within a few miles' radius of the brewery. This is a daily busy scene, just before 8 o'clock in the morning. Loading up is almost completed and the carts and drays are just about to leave.

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