Beer And Pests In Bailiff Bridge

Two hundred years ago a new inn was built in the West Yorkshire village of Bailiff Bridge. It was a lucky location, a few years after the Bailiff Bridge Inn was built the new Bradford - Huddersfield Turnpike Road was laid-out at its doors. For the best part of that two hundred years the pub prospered - and at some stage it changed its name to the Punch Bowl Hotel - attracting customers travelling along the new road and from the mills which were built at the intersection of two important roads. Behind the pub were stables and at one time the hotel shared the premises with Greenwoods Shaving Saloon. The Shaving Saloon closed many years ago, as did the stables and now the pub has gone the same way. The building remains, it is the headquarters of a pest control company. But that seems a sad end to what was once a thriving local inn.

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