A Year Of Beer : 1 The Richard Oastler, Brighouse

It is my birthday today and, yet again, I found myself musing on that great paradox one has to face as one gets old - so many pubs unvisited and so little time left. With this in mind I have decided to keep an on-line log of all the different pubs I can manage to visit before my next birthday. In addition to the main category (where I can claim to have actually visited the pub) there will be a subsidiary listing of "near misses" - pubs I have only managed to pause at long enough to take a photograph rather than sample the fare. There is nothing in the rules to say that at some stage I cannot translate a near miss into an actual visit. What is the point of all this you may ask? The answer, of course, is there is absolutely no point at all - the common denominator of all great ventures. I am starting on my birthday with one of the nearest pubs which is just down the road from where I live. We will pause to assess my progress a year from now.

A Year Of Beer : 1. The Richard Oastler, Brighouse (17 June 2015)

A wonderfully converted Methodist Church with all that you will expect from a Wetherspoon house - great real ales, cheap food and drink, and the atmosphere of a works canteen. I have already written a little about the history of this fine building - SEE MY LISTING UNDER GREAT YORKSHIRE PUBS - so I will not repeat myself here. However I would like to note in passing a well-kept pint of Exmoor Gold ale, and the always pleasant company of my Good Lady Wife.

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