A Year Of Beer - Near Misses : 18 June 2015

3. The Masters Bar, Hull

38, South Street, Hull
Built in 1903. As far as I can discover, it was built as a public house. Now Grade II Listed

4. The Punch Hotel, Hull

Queen Victoria Square, Hull
The first Punch hotel was built on this site in 1845. The present building -0 which is Grade II listed - was built for the Hull Brewery Co. in 1895.

5. The Manchester Arms, Hull

7, Scale Lane, Hull
The pub is supposed to date back to the 16th century, although much of it has been rebuilt several times. A ghost - called Beryl - seemingly walks through the cellars.

6. The Lion And Key, Hull

48, High Street, Hull
First opened as a pub in the early nineteenth century but then - in a story familiar 200 years later - it was converted into offices. Returned to its beery roots at the end of the twentieth century.

7. Ye Olde Blue Bell, Hull

Market Place, Hull
Busy market pub situated down a passage next to Trinity Market

8. Ye Olde Corn Exchange, Hull

1, North Church Side, Hull
Located in the shadow of Holy Trinity Church, it was known as The Excise Coffee House back in 1788 and adopted its current name in the early nineteenth century.

9.  The Hull Cheese

Paragon Street, Hull
Formerly known as The Paragon Hotel (which gave its name to both the street and the station) the current name is a reference to an old phrase meaning beer - "hull cheese".

10. The Sandringham, Hull

85, Paragon Street, Hull
Narrow, town centre pub that has seemingly opened and closed a few times over recent years. Currently open but for sale.

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