A Year Of Beer 11 : The Blake Hotel, Sheffield

The Blake Hotel, Blake Street, Walkley, Sheffield
Friday 26 June 2015

I can just about remember this back street pub from when I lived in Sheffield thirty or so years ago. I can certainly remember Blake Street which rises with almost Everest ambition from the valley bottom. These days the Blake Hotel has been transformed into a remarkably good real ale pub that is a delight to visit. Add to that the fact that it is my son and daughters' favourite local and it means you have good views, good beer and the best of company. To get back to their house afterwards you have to climb up another near-versicle hillside which means that the pub deserves sponsorship by the Cardiovascular Service of the NHS. To tackle the walk home I took on a fair amount of anaesthetic and I am a little confused as to what kind it was! I think it was Acorn Brewery's Blonde, if I am wrong, I apologise to the wronged beer. Whatever it was, it helped me get up the hill home.

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