A Year Of Beer 9 : The Old Lodge, Minchinhampton

The Old Lodge, Minchinhampton Common, Stroud
Tuesday 23 June 2015

You can have a meal in the dining room of the Old Lodge, which is stuck in the middle of Minchinhampton Common, sat in a large dining room with plate glass windows overlooking the common where cows and horses wander freely. If you are having a steak - which I was - a cow can graze its way right up to your table and pass the time of day with its Auntie Mabel. With that kind of experience you need a decent pint of beer and the Tom Long, which comes from the local Stroud Brewery, is more than decent. And who, I can hear you asking, was Tom Long? Well he may or may not have been a local highwayman who may or may not have been hung from a scaffold at the crossroads on Minchinhampton Common. Who cares?

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