A Year Of Beer 13 : The Black Horse, Whitby

The Black Horse, Church Street, Whitby
Tuesday 30th June 2015

This is the kind of pub an old beer-head like me dreams about when he goes to sleep at night. Dripping with history band real ale, preserved but not picked in aspic, as dark as a Whitby Goth and a shining beacon of what an old English pub can be like. There has probably been a pub here for 800 years or so and there is a good deal of the structure of the current building than can take you back four or five hundred years. There is some fascinating history associated with the place - I particularly love the story of the scan of having two inns with similar names in the same street - but there is little fun in reading such things in the sterility of an on-line context. Go there, get a pint, and soak it all in. I did and the pint in question was a pint of Flipside Brewery's Farthing Mild. Pub, drink, location .... the stuff of dreams.

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